oh my god im actually wearing SHORTS today holy hell spring is finally here

Anonymous asked: what do you want to do as a career? what are your religious beliefs? what are your political beliefs?

i dont know and im a liberal athiest


i haven’t laughed this hard in forever


optimal conditions


when u use ur boobs to get someone to notice u


Anonymously message me (3) things you want to know about me.


You bump into a man on the subway wearing a trenchcoat. You apologize and he responds “Its alright. We’re only human. All of us. All of us here are human. Yep. Very human. I’m probably the most human here! You betcha.” and then the trenchcoat falls and the figure collapses and roughly 1000 salamanders scatter around the train 

Make Me Choose
asked: Amy or Jacqui?

i had a scary as fuck attack on titan dream an ive only seen 2 episodes of the show


i dont know what my aesthetic is but im pretty sure it’s exactly this tweet